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ABOUT Dominique deBlois

Who am I? Long story short 

If you ask friends and family to describe me in one word, chances are they will say crazy… about food. I had the opportunity to grow up in a family where French classics & gastronomy were a key in our daily life. Cooking skills were passed on to me at a young age and a food love story was born. 

From the French restaurant my parents owned, to managing all operations of a restaurant in Japan, working in one of the most established wineries in Niagara wine country and well renowned restaurants and hotels in Niagara Falls, my passion for cuisine has been a focal point all my life.


My photos 

My love for photography and food couldn’t be a better marriage. Through my artistic flair I like capturing food & drink scenes, revealing the natural beauty of ingredients and crafts they’re partnered with, and creating simple and authentic stories.  

You prefer the longer version?  

Born and raised in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, I graduated in Arts and Interior Design. I owned and operated my boutique of antiques and interior design services for over a decade.  Setting up the window shops was my introduction to evoking moods and stories.  


Then an opportunity to move to Japan arose. I got my start in food photography at that time when I created and developed recipe booklets for my own program of International cooking classes for adults.  


Then the 3 most intense years of my life started when I accepted the mission to reopen a French restaurant that had been abandoned by the previous tenants. Starting from scratch, I had to conceive the entire design of the restaurant, hire, train, create monthly menus & photos, advertisement, help with food preparation and so on. It must have been a success because we had daily line ups at the door!  


After 6 years in Japan, it was time to leave and we settled near Niagara Falls, Ontario as our new home.  With Japanese as a new language skill, I was able to quickly find work in the travel trade industry – winery, restaurants, hotels - which allowed me to return to Asia many times as well as other parts of the world. For me, traveling is another opportunity to come across new dishes that I can replicate at home. I also love gardening, watching movies with my hubby and 3 cats and spending time with friends and family.

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