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Dominique deBlois

About Me

Based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, I am a food photographer specializing in culinary, lifestyle, products, portraits and still life imagery. My artistic vision is to create shots that not only capture the essence of the subject but also evoke a sensory experience with a blend of comfort and approachability. 


Style and Approach

I thrive at creating storytelling through visuals and have a flair for crafting moody shots with rustic and vintage aesthetics. However, my lens is adaptable, seamlessly transitioning to bright and airy compositions when the client's vision calls for a different vibe.


Versatility is the key and I adapt my style to suit the vision of each unique project. 


Collaborative Spirit

Collaboration fuels my creativity. I believe that the synergy of a team enhances the final product, resulting in visuals that exceed expectations.


If You're Seeking a photographer who can infuse your brand with a rustic charm or a fresh and appetizing vibe then let's collaborate to create visual stories that resonate uniquely with your brand. 


my love for food

I had the opportunity to grow up in a family where French classics & gastronomy were a key in our daily life. Cooking skills were passed on to me at a young age and a food love story was born. 

From the French restaurant my parents owned, to managing all operations of a restaurant in Japan, working in one of the most established wineries in Niagara wine country and well renowned restaurants and hotels in Niagara Falls, my passion for cuisine has been a focal point all my life.

Me at a glance

  • I was born and raised in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

  • I graduated in Arts as well as Interior Design.

  •  I owned and operated my boutique of antiques and interior design services for over a decade.  I started it when I was only 17!

  • I lived in Japan for 6 years, at that time created international cooking classes for adults an also worked as a French restaurant Manager. Most intense time of my life!

  • Settled near Niagara Falls, I discovered the thrilling world of travel trade industry, promoting over a decade wineries, restaurants and hotels to the Asian market.

  • I am trilingual.

  • LOVE travelling, gardening, baking, watching movies with my hubby & cats and spending time with friends and family.
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